By night, I’m a passionate creator just waiting to backflip into your heart.

  • Collaborator

    Nothing thrills me more than doing amazing things with fantastic people. Let’s work/play together.

  • Designer

    I can’t exactly let my degree go to waste now can I? Design is amazing and exists in all things. I love it.

  • Developer

    Ever since I was 13, Developing has been one of my biggest hobbies. I spend countless hours doing it, but I can’t think of a moment i’d like to take back.

  • Organizer

    I used to run LAN Parties. Now I run Philly Dev Night, Philadelphia’s largest weekly tech meetup. I also manage the Philly Game Forge and its showcase events. The Forge is Philly’s first and only game coworking space. Additionally, I am the Creative Director of the Philly Geek Awards. The Geek Awards is Philly’s premiere Geek Ceremony.

William Stallwood

William Stallwood

Designer of Games and Things

Cipher Prime Studios

By day, I own Cipher Prime. Philly’s Sexiest Indie Game Studio.

I started Cipher Prime with Dain Saint 5 years ago. Since then, I have achieved a ton of my dreams. I’ve obtained a Webby Award, Communication Arts, and even made an App Store Hall of Fame Game. I’ve even had the honor of being in publications like the Inquirer, Wired Magazine, and many other news sites. This journey has even sparked my love for public speaking on both a local and global scale. Cipher Prime has been everything I’ve always wanted it to be and more.